Our long term investments are buildings, mortgage notes, and tax liens.


The buildings we actively invest in long term are: single family residences, office buildings, mini storages, and strip malls. We do not, however, limit our investments to these building types only.


The mortgage notes we actively invest in are created by: private individuals, corporations, banks and other lenders. We also create our own mortgages when selling to home owners and other investors. 

The tax liens we buy are from the counties in the bigger cities in Florida.

We hold on to these investments until their write off value is used, the lien gets paid of, or we get an irresistible offer to sell. We will then use a 1031 exchange and replace the lost investment.

Our short term investments are: fix and flip’s and hard money loans to contractors and investors. All short term investments are done through our affiliate Boomerang Property Solutions, LLC.
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